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Triangle Parking Lot Stone Mountain, GAAs the premier manufacturing group in North America, many of our producers projects have been written about in industry magazines. The projects range from traditional concrete paver applications such as the Port of Baltimore to permeable interlocking concrete paver applications, including Colorado School of Mines, Glen Brook Green - Jordan Cove, Autumn Trails, Seneca College, Cascades Park, and Chicago Green Alleys.

For your convenience, a number of articles are available in PDF format and are included among the list below. These articles are also available on our Downloads page where you can also download design manuals, case studies, research papers, installation and specification information and more.


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UNI Manufacturer Project Articles

Berkeley's First Permeable Street Renews Old Roadway

Landscape Architect & Specifier News


Pendleton Multiway Boulevard Wins Multiple Awards

Stormwater Magazine


Cleveland Clinic Protects Wetlands with Permeable Pavers

Stormwater Magazine


Popular & Permeable
Erosion Control Magazine


Peterson Air Force Paves the Way
Erosion Control Magazine


Seneca CollegeWhen the Snow Melts

Stormwater Magazine


Chicago's Mary Bartelme Park

Landscape Online


Permeable Pavers Transform Walkways and Parking Lots

Landscape Online


University Interprets "Mean Green" Literally in Stadium Renovations

Landscape Online


Achieving Silver at Brown Hall

Stormwater Magazine


Mary Bartelme Park and Playground
Landscape Architect & Specifier News - Brad Swanson, Unilock Chicago

Beautiful pavers serve purpose, handle storm water runoff
Air Force Space Command

Buckingham Fountain Stays Pink While Going Green
Landscape Architect & Specifier News - Brad Swanson, Unilock Chicago

Jordan CovePlant-Friendly Paving Lets Water Seep Through
Special to the Washington Post - Jeanne Huber


Storm: Soaking Up Solutions

Municipal Sewer and Water


Where Green Hits Beyond the Baseball Field - Lea Radick
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Chicago


Permeable Pavements Now in First Port Application
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock New York


Unilock Pavers Selected for Chicago Project

Stormwater Magazine

Port of Baltimore Finishes a Project Triple Header

Research Demonstrates Performance of Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements - High Impact Results from Low Impact Development
UNI Manufacturer - Ideal Concrete Block Company

Advances in Porous Pavement
Stormwater Magazine

Chicago Green Alleyways

Stormwater Magazine


Greener Alleys

Federal Highwas Administration


Peterson AFBPorous Pavements Q & A

Stormwater Magazine


Latest Permeable Pavement Research and Findings

Adapting Full Depth Permeable Pavement for Highway Shoulders and Urban Roads for Stormwater Runoff Management

Stormwater Magazine


ASCE Forms Standard Committee for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements

Stormwater Magazine


Green Infrastructure, Low Impact Development

Report: Green Infrastructure Saves Money While Improving Clean Water

Stormwater Magazine


EPA Launches New Strategy to Promote Use of Green Infrastructure for Environmental and Economic Benefit

Stormwater Magazine


EPA's Stormwater Calculator Helps Manage Runoff

Stormwater Magazine


Permeable Pavers - Reduce Runoff thru Pervious Layers

Washington Department of Ecology

Somerville, MA intersectionInterlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine Articles

Small, Quiet Town Quietly Eliminates Stormwater Runoff with PICP

UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Chicago

A Breath of Fresh Air
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Chicago

Buckingham Fountain Restoration, Grant Park, Chicago
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Chicago

Design Professional Office Sets PICP Example
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Ohio


Earth Rangers Sustains Nature with Permeable Pavers
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Ltd.


Grand Slam for the Environment at a Major Base Ball Field
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Chicago

Autumn Trails Pioneers PICP in Streets
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Chicago

Cold Climate Performance of Permeable Pavers
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Ltd.

Permeable Pavers Score a Triple Double in Bloomington's Cascades Park
UNI Manufacturer - Unilock Chicago

Portland Tries Permeable Interlocking Concrete Street Pavements
UNI Manufacturer - Mutual Materials

The Role of Joint Filling Materials in Permeable Interlocking Pavements
Research by Dr. Soenke Borgwardt

ASCE Releases National Standard on Structural Design of Interlocking Concrete Pavement

US EPA Tests Permeable Pavements

Bedding Sand Selection for Interlocking Concrete Pavements in Vehicular Applications

Installation of Concrete Pavers on Steeply Sloped Residential Driveways and Streets

Maximizing LEED® Credits with Segmental Concrete Pavement

Skid Resistance of Concrete Pavers

Edge Restraint FAQs


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