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Lockpave SoftwareLockpave Pro with PC-SWMM PP software is for the structural and hydrological design of traditional and permeable interlocking concrete pavements and is available free of charge to engineering and architectural design professionals. For more information on Lockpave Pro and PC-SWMM PP visit our Software and Presentations page.


UNI-Group U.S.A. was one of the earliest innovators in paver industry software. UNI Modpave was introduced in 1988 with UNI CAD drawings, which led to the development of photo realistic landscape designs using interlocking paving stones, Lockpave, first developed overseas, was introducted to the North American market by our group.


PC-SWMM, famous for its continuous hydraulic simulation capabilities, was used to develop PC-SWMM PP (Permeable Pavement) which was added to Lockpave Pro . PC-SWMMPP is now included in the latest version latest version of the free EPA SWMM software as an LID module. Other software companies now also include the LID module in their programs.


The current module we include for PC-SWMMPP will need to be updated - either use the EPA SWMM or Stormwater Calculator, or upgrade to the full software at the developer of the first PSSWMM PP - Computational Hydraulics Inc.


Lockpave Pro structural design software and PC-SWMM PP permeable pavement design software are available to design professionals in the United States and Canada only due to licensing restrictions. For areas outside North America, please visit


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