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UNI Traditional and Heavy-Duty Paver Gallery

UNI® Pavers are a popular choice by design professionals for residential, commercial, municipal, institutional and industrial pavement projects. Whether used for pedestrian areas or for heavy-duty vehicular-trafficked applications, UNI Paving Stones offer beauty, strength, durability, sustainability and lasting value. Applications include residential patios, walkways and driveways, commercial and municipal plazas, courtyards, entry drives, parking lots, alleyways, and streets, and industrial ports, depots, storage yards and more.


For more information on UNI projects visit our Case Studies and Articles pages, as well as our Downloads page, where you find over 175 downloadable items.


Contact the UNI Manufacturer nearest you for an estimate on your next paving project. They will be happy to schedule a meeting or a seminar or presentation for your company or municipality and provide design and technical assistance. Some of the projects shown in our gallery may feature UNI® Permeable Pavers with specialty surface finishes or textures. Some pavers styles may not be available in all areas of North America. Please consult with your local manufacturer for product availability.


Our Design/Installation pages features software, presentations and videos, design guides, manuals, and product literature, articles and case studies, technical and specification guidance, installation and cross-section details and more. Or click on the Quick Links below for fast access to items of interest. Our Resources section offers the latest industry news, as well as information and references on stormwater, low impact development, sustainable development, and environmental and stormwater regulations and objectives at the federal, state and municipal level. From the EPA to Green Infrastructure Rating Systems to Low Impact Development, we've got it covered.


Have a question you can't find an answer to on our website? Are you looking for a particular type of project application photo or more information about a project? Please give us a call at 1-800-872-1864 or send us an e-mail. We'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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