State and Municipal Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Guidance

UMASSMost states and many municipalities across the country now offer stormwater, low impact development and/or green infrastructure design guidance manuals and more are under development. Most of this information includes permeable and porous pavements as part of their best management practices. We've done the research for you and provide a number of these here for your easy reference. We will add new information as it becomes available, so check back for new entries. The information is listed by state name.


Many states and municipalities offer incentive and credit programs for utilizing technologies and practices to manage stormwater and meet green infrastructure and low impact development goals. For a list of these programs, click here.


If you are a municipality or state that offers stormwater, green infrastructure or low impact development guidance and are not listed here, please let us know and we will add you to our reference list.

General State or Municipal Guidance and Reference

City Parks are a Smart Investment for America's Health, Economy & Environment - NEW!

Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials - National Low Impact Development Atlas

Catalog of Green Infrastructure and Stormwater Finance Publications - University of North Carolina

Local Government Stormwater Financing Manual

Resilient Cities Report - Storm-Ready Cities

Banking On Green: A Look at How Green Infrastructure Can Save Municipalities Money and Provide Economic Benefits Community-wide

Eco-Districts - Protocol Executive Summary and Protocol

Coastal Stormwater Management Through Green Infrastructure - EPA

Science Policy Exchange and Syracuse University - Green Infrastructure - Lessons from Science and Practice

EPA - Green Long-Term Control Plan-EZ Template - A Planning Tool for Combined Sewer Overflow in Small Communities



Low Impact Development Handbook



Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure Pima County



Bay Area Stormwater Management Areas - Pervious Pavement

CALTRANS Pervious Pavement Design Guide

Chula Vista Water Smart Landscaping Reuse Guide

Los Angeles Green Street Guidelines

Los Angeles Green Alley Pedestrian

Los Angeles Green Alley Vehicular

Los Angeles Green Street Standard Plan FAQ Sheet

Los Angeles Green Infrastructure for Los Angeles

LA County LID Manual

Orange County Coastkeepers

Palm Dale - Cash for Grass

San Diego Commercial Sustainable Rebate Guidelines

San Diego Sustainable Development Guidelines

San Diego Residential Rebate Guidelines

San Diego County BMP List

San Francisco Stormwater Design Guidelines Proposed Regulatory Update 2015

San Francisco BMP Fact Sheets

San Francisco Better Streets - Permeable Paving

Santa Rosa Storm Water Low Impact Development Technical Design Manual

Santa Rosa Stormwater Calculator



Boulder Green Points Guidance Booklet

Denver Urban Drainage District

Denver Urban Drainage District Software

Longmont Green Alleyways

Longmont Green Alleyways Video



Manchester Grey to Green Report

NEMO Connecticut LID Inventory

NEMO Stormwater


District of Columbia

DC Stormwater Guide

DC Water is Life Low Impact Development



Alachua County Low Impact Development

Sarasota Bay Low Impact Development

South Florida BMP Practices Manual

St. Johns River Water Management District

University of Florida Permeable Surfaces



Stormwater Management Manual Modular Porous Pavement

Stormwater Management Manual Volume 3

Savannah Stormwater Management

Coastal Georgia Green Growth Guidelines

Coastal Georgia Green Growth - Street and Parking



Champaign Stormwater Utility Fee Credit and Incentives

Chicago Metro Agency Water Management Resource Guide

Chicago Guide to Stormwater BMP

Chicago Green Alley Handbook

Chicago Sustainable Green Infrastructure Monitoring Sensors

Downer's Grove Incentive Application

Downer's Grove Incentive Credit and Incentive Manual

Evanston Illinois Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavers

Illinois Green Infrastructure Workshop and Resources



Indianapolis Green Building Incentive Policy
Portage Stormwater Management
Portage Best Management Practices



Adel, Iowa Urban Revitalization Plan Handbook

Iowa Green Streets Criteria

Iowa Stormwater Manual General Guidance for Permeable Pavements

City of Des Moines Stormwater Structural Controls



Louisville Drainage Service Guide Charges

Kentucky Low Impact Development

Lexington Kentucky Neighborhood Stormwater Incentive Grant



Pervious Man-made Surfaces
Lewiston Stormwater Guidance

LID Guidance for Maine Communities



Chesapeake Bay Homeowner BMP Nutrient Credit Reduction

Chesapeake Bay Staying Green Strategies

Chesapeake Bay Stormwater Network

Stormwater Rebate and Reimbursement Programs

Going Green Downtown Sustainability Guide

Prince Georges County Rebate Program

Prince Georges County Stormwater Retrofit Program



Boston Stormwater BMP Guidance

LID Fact Sheet Permeable Pavement Metropolitan Area Planning Council

LID/Roadway and Parking Fact Sheets Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Northhampton Stormwater and Flood Control Utility
Massachusetts Bay National Estuary Program



Detroit Rouge River Alternate CSO Control

Detroit Green Infrastructure Progress Report

Great Lakes Guidebook Green Streets

Michigan LID Manual



Minnesota Stormwater Manual - Wiki

Minnesota Stormwater Manual - Permeable Pavement

Minnesota Low Impact Development and Green Infrastructure

Minnesota Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS) Calculator

Minnesota Minimum Impact Design Standards for Stormwater Management

Minnesota GreenSteps Cities

Minnesota GreenSteps Cities - Innovative Stormwater Management

Minnesota GreenSteps Cities - Living Streets

Minnesota Blue Star Program

University of Minnesota Visual Inspection Checklist for Permeable Pavement

Lake Superior Streams, Duluth - Pervious Pavement

Rochester Pervious Pavement



Technical Assistance for Sustainable Communities

Missouri Guide to Green Infrastructure



Low Impact Development BMP Guide

Omaha Permeable Pavement


Nevada Division of Environmental Protection - Water Quality

Lake Tahoe TMDL Credit Handbook
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Stormwater Management Program

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency BMP Resources


New Hampshire

Department of Environmental Services Pervious Pavement

Homeowner Guide to Stormwater Management

Nashua Stormwater Alternative Stormwater Management 1

Nashua Stormwater Alternative Stormwater Management 2


New Jersey

Stormwater BMP Practices Guide

Green Infrastructure in New Jersey

Pervious Pavement


New York

Gowanus Brownfield and Industrial Development Incentives

Hudson Yards Streetscape Development Manual

NYC Green Incentives Guide

NYC Grant Program for Private Property Owners

NYC Green Infrastructure Plan Executive Summary

NYC Green Infrastructure Annual Report

NYC Green Infrastructure Video

NYC DOT Street Manual

NYC Sustainable Urban Site Design Manual

NYC Post-Construction Monitoring Green Infrastructure Dec . 2014

Onondaga County, Syracuse, NY - Save the Rain - Green Improvement Fund

Onondaga County, Syracuse, NY - Porous Pavement

Port of New York New Jersey Design Guidelines

Port of New York New Jersey Sustainable Building Guidelines

Port of New York New Jersey Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines


North Carolina

NCDENR Stormwater BMP Manual Permeable Pavement

NCDENR Permeable Pavement Fact Sheet

North Carolina LID Guidebook



Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District Individual Residential Property Credit

Cleveland Sustainable Building Policy
Erie Conservation District



Oregon State University Porous Pavement Calculators

Gresham Green Development Practices for Stormwater Management

Portland Managing Wet Weather With Green Infrastructure

Portland Green Streets Program

Westmoreland Street, City of Portland, Pervious Pavers

Westmoreland Street, City of Portland, Pervious Pavement Projects

Eugene Stormwater Management Manual

Oregon DOT BMP Selection Tool

Oregon State University Stormwater Solutions LID Check List

Oregon State University Porous Pavement Fact Sheet



Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure in Lancaster

Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater

Lancaster Pervious Pavement Fact Sheet

Landcaster's Green Infrastructure Plan

Philadelphia Stormwater Fee Incentives

Philadelphia Green Streets Program

Philadelphia Green Streets Design Manual

Philadelphia Green City Clean Waters

Philadelphia Green City Clean Waters Website

Philadelphia Water Department - Green Stormwater Infrastructure Programs

Pittsburgh Green Development Resource Guide

Pittsburgh Green FIrst Program


Rhode Island

Permeable Pavement - What's It Doing On My Street

Rhode Island Stormwater Solutions

(LID and permeable pavement projects listed from across the U.S.)

Rhode Island Stormwater Solutions - Charleston Wine & Spirits

Stormwater Manual


South Carolina

Low Impact Development Guidance



Nashville Permeable Pavement Credits

Nashville Stormwater BMPs Permeable Pavement

Nashville Davidson County Residential Stormwater Checklist

Knox County Porous Pavements



Austin Environmental Criteria Manual

Fort Worth Permeable Paving

Forward Dallas Environmental Element

Houston Green Building Resource Center

Houston Land/Water Sustainability Forum
Lower Colorado River Authority Watershed Ordinance

San Antonio River Basin LID BMP Fact Sheet

San Antonio River Basin LID Structural BMPs
Texas Emerging Communities



Green Infrastructure Work Plans
South Burlington Stormwater Downloads

Vermont Watershed Management - Pervious Pavement

Vermont Watershed Management - Perviou Pavement Factsheet

Vermont Green Infrastructure

Vermont Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Vermont Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan



Stormwater Manual Infiltration Practices

County of James City Pervious Paver Block Systems for Mitigation

Virginia Stormwater BMPs

Virginia Permeable Pavement Design Specification



Seattle Green Streets

City of Bellingham Green Building Incentives

Issaquah Sustainable Building Incentives

Kirkland LID Elements for Residential Stormwater Management

Mercer Island Permeable Pavers Design Updates

Seattle Green Homes Guide

Permeable Pavers on Private Property

Seattle Public Utilities - Stormwater Management

Washington Stormwater Center

Eastern Washington Low Impact Development Guidance Manual

Puget Sound LID Technical Guidance Manual

Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington

Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington



Permeable Pavement Comparisons

Milwaukee Green Stormwater Mandate
Milwaukee Green Infrastructure Benefits and Costs

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District Porous Pavement
Milwaukee Green Streets Stormwater Management Plan

Impact of Green Infrastructure on Property Values




Greening Parking Lots

Permeable Surface Stormwater Management Feasibility Study - Wonderland Power Centre, London Ontario

Credit Valley Conservation - Low Impact Guidance Development Documents

Credit Valley Conservation - LID Stormwater Management Planning and Design Guide

Credit Valley Conservation - Grey to Green Public Lands Retrofits

Credit Valley Conservation - Grey to Green Residential Retrofits

Credit Valley Conservation - Grey to Green Road Retrofits