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UNI-Group U.S.A. was one of the earliest innovators in paver industry software. UNI Modpave was introduced in 1988 with UNI CAD drawings, which led to the development of photo realistic landscape designs using interlocking paving stones, Lockpave, first developed overseas, was introducted to the North American market by our group.


PC-SWMM, famous for its continuous hydraulic simulation capabilities, was used to develop PC-SWMM PP (Permeable Pavement) which was added to Lockpave Pro . PC-SWMMPP is now included in the latest version latest version of the free EPA SWMM software as an LID module. Other software companies now also include the LID module in their programs.


The current module we include for PC-SWMMPP will need to be updated - either use the EPA SWMM or Stormwater Calculator, or upgrade to the full software at the developer of the first PSSWMM PP - Computational Hydraulics Inc.


By Dr. Brian Shackel and Computational Hydraulics
For structural design of interlocking concrete block pavements. Lockpave® Pro has been developed to assist professional engineers and architects in the structural design of interlocking concrete pavements for a variety of applications. Lockpave Pro features an easy to use Windows graphical interface, context-sensitive help screens and new design tools. It offers the ability to choose, analyze, and compare alternative pavement types, provides initial construction and life-cycle costs, analyzes most common types of pavement materials, allows selection of various paver shapes and installation patterns, provides a choice of design methodology, and more. Lockpave Pro features PC-SWMM,™ PP, a module for the hydrologic design of UNI® Permeable Pavements. Design professionals may order Lockpave Pro FREE here.



  • Provides expert-based rules to guide inexperienced users in selection of materials, loads, drainage factors, etc.
  • Designs roads, as well as industrial pavements, including new vehicle lateral wander capabilities, according to British Port Assn. methodology
  • Airport pavement design to FAA methods to model aircraft wander
  • Includes permeable UNI Eco-Stone® and Ecoloc® pavement designs
  • Select from various paver shapes and installation patterns and analyze their individual structural behavior
  • Designs using Imperial or Metric units of measurement
  • Choice of mechanistic elastic layer analysis or empirical designs using AASHTO methodology for roads
  • Offers ability to quickly choose, analyze and compare alternative pavement types
  • Choose confidence levels appropriate to particular design problems
  • Design interlocking paver overlays on existing asphalt pavements
  • Specifies up to 20 aircraft loads (offers built-in selection of samples such as A300, B747, DC-10) or vehicle axle loads (includes built-in selection of samples such as Rubber-Tired Gantry Cranes, Straddle Carriers) and wheel configurations, or allows user-supplied data
  • Automatically calculates location of critical stresses and strains for any configuration of axles and wheels for road, industrial and airport analysis
  • Automatic modeling of the effects of traffic or container load distribution
  • Analyzes most common types of pavement materials including crushed rock, asphaltic concrete or cement stabilized base, and gravel or cement stabilized subbase
  • Uses ASTM, AASHTO or FAA soil classification data for subgrade conditions and can characterize subgrade in terms of modulus, CBR, Texas Triaxial or Stability values
  • Analyzes the effects of in-situ stabilization of the subgrade Includes a comprehensive set of drainage factors and full modeling of frost conditions
  • Provides initial construction and life-cycle costs as an integral part of the design analysis
  • Seamless linking to the automatic drafting and print-out of materials and construction specifications


Please see updated information on PC-SWMM PP in introductory paragraph above.

  • Allows user to develop a simple model of permeable pavement design, run the model with a specified design storm, and analyze the results of the model
    Input Wizard interface guides the user through the required parameters
  • Model results include graphs of the input function (design storm), surface runoff (if any), depth of water in the base material, and drainage of the base material for the duration of the model run
  • A summary report includes user-defined input and tabulation of numerical results
  • Incorporates new regeneration data from research studies
  • Features support for Run-On - flow contributions from adjacent impervious and pervious surfaces
  • Calculate and display C-value (runoff coefficient) in the reportUser-entry of evaluation criteria (maximum runoff and depth values)
  • The model accepts an arbitrary rainfall hyetograph and provides a step-by-step accounting (conservation of mass) of water movement through the permeable pavement installation, including surface detention, overland flow, infiltration, subsurface storage, and subsurface drainage


The U.S. EPA SWMM (Stormwater Management Model) Program may be downloaded free of charge. SWMM is a dynamic hydrology-hydraulic-water quality simulation model. It is used for single event or long-term (continuous) simulation of runoff quantity and quality from primarily urban areas. The runoff component operates on a collection of subcatchment areas that receive precipitation and generate runoff and pollutant loads. As of May 2014, SWMM Version 5.1.006 has recently been extended to model the hydrologic performance of specific types of low impact development (LID) controls. The LID controls that the user can choose include the following seven green infrastructure practices:

  • Permeable pavement
  • Rain gardens
  • Green roofs
  • Street planters
  • Rain barrels
  • Infiltration trenches
  • Vegetative swales



We offer two comprehensive PowerPoint® presentations that are oriented to the design professional. The permeable Eco-Stone® Presentation includes basic design guidance, hydrologic information, research, and project references. The UNI-Anchorlock® Heavy-Duty Pavement Presentation is an expansion of our Industrial and Heavy-Duty Pavement video, which details construction at the Port of Tampa and also presents a number of other industrial projects from across North America. The Powerpoint presentations and video are large and are available either on DVD or via a link to an online storage portal by e-mail request. These presentations are also available as PDF files on our Downloads page.


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